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Client Interface Instructions

  1. Go to www.samedayprocess.com, click client login in the header on at the top right
  2. Enter your username and password, or call or email us if you do not have one yet
  3. Click “My Account” for access to all open invoices
  4. Click the yellow “Do it!” to access ALL jobs, or enter search functions to search for specific jobs/cases
  5. Listed are all jobs for your company, including the active address given to us and the completed address where the document was served.
  6. On the far left, click on “details” next to the case you wish to view to view specifics of the serve
  7. You are now viewing all addresses where documents were served, including the date and time stamp, and GPS location stamp. We also take a photo in case further proof is needed.
  8. Scroll down to view any conformed copies of affidavits we may have filed at the court on your behalf.
  9. You can even send us a message about that case including other addresses, physical descriptions, best time to serve, etc.
  10. More questions? Please call Brandon at 202-398-4200 and he can walk you through the program
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