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Evasive Subjects, Stakeouts & Stings

Although stakeouts are the last option, sometimes they are the only option.

Same Day Process routinely performs stakeouts and other surveillance in the service of process. We are known for serving the impossible! A small percentage of subjects will do everything they can to avoid being served and may go to extreme lengths to do so. Many evasive subjects know how to avoid service of process and will lie about who they are and their whereabouts to anyone they do not know. Our staff is highly trained in serving high profile individuals, deadbeats, contractors and other shady business owners who take your money and run.

Some stakeouts may require two or three investigators! If you do not know what doorways the subject uses at their home or place of business, we may require multiple investigators to cover all possible doorways, including a parking garage. The more information provided to us about the subject, the sooner we’ll be able to serve them. Information such as a physical description of the subject and multiple color photos, social media pages and usernames, vehicle make, model and tags, schedule of when the subject leaves in the morning, arrives at their place of business, and returns in the evenings, etc.


Some subjects can be served in a carefully planned operation, typically one involving deception. We regularly set up fake appointments with subjects, have flowers delivered, or serve custody papers when parents are meeting to drop off children. Sometimes the best place to serve the subject is at the courthouse. Some judges frown upon serving a subject in the courtroom; therefore we serve the subject off court grounds, either before they enter the courthouse or after they leave. We do not serve a subject in a courtroom without express permission by the
judge beforehand.

Contact our management team for more information about stakeouts and stings and to request a quote. Both are billed hourly and include travel and the service fee, require a retainer with a two hour minimum.

Have you attempted to serve this subject before? Has the subject been proven evasive?

We understand that sometimes we are not the first process serving company hired to serve an evasive subject. It is helpful to know what steps have been taken thus far to serve the subject; if a professional process server has attempted service or maybe a close friend. If you used another process server, please provide the affidavit of diligence and any skip trace reports
done previously.

A History of Violence

We must know, in advance, if the subject has a history of violence and how they could be a threat to the process server. Serving in Washington D.C can be dangerous, and our process servers contact the police immediately if a situation arises. We especially need to know specifics threat information when serving temporary restraining orders.
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