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Social Media Investigations Washington DCNeed to find someone to serve papers to? We provide detailed reports with links to websites, images, addresses, and phone numbers for a subject.

Are you having difficulty locating a witness, debtor, or former spouse to serve them papers? If you're looking for someone who is evading service of process and in-person delivery of legal documents, social media platforms can be the key to tracking them down.
Social media investigations are deep dives, collections, and analyses of a subject's publicly available content on social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. An individual's social media account usually contains a wealth of information that can reveal their location, activities, relationships, interests, and more. As such, in-depth social media investigations by a private investigator can help you find evidence of illegal activity, discriminatory views, company policy violations, or incriminating behavior. They can also help you verify the identity and credibility of a person or an organization or track down their current location.
Social media investigations are helpful for anyone who needs to find or serve someone hard to locate. Some of the situations that may require social media investigations are:
  • Backgroung check
  • HR, fraud, or other internal investigations
  • Regulatory or compliance investigations
  • Potencial or ongoing litigation matters

Providing a name, photo, email address, DOB, location, and aliases the target uses online is always helpful.

The minimum amount of information you can provide is the following:

  1. First name and last name, preferably with a middle initial.
  2. City, state, or the full address previously lived or current.
  3. Date of birth.

We can skip trace the above information if you cannot provide it. Check out our top 5 tips for an effective social media investigation, or visit our skip tracing page to learn more. Nicknames, usernames, and email addresses are the cyber equivalents of a social security number. Please provide one. Also, be aware that social media searches can be time-consuming—and someone without our experience may leave a trail warning the subject you are tracking them!

Below are a few examples of some of the many social media sites our search encompasses:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Fancy
  • Tik Tok
  • Reddit
  • Blogger
  • And more!

How Do We Conduct Social Media Investigations?

How does a social media investigation work? Each case will be unique, and our process servers use various methods to find information on a defendant's social media accounts. Some common steps include:

  • Searching for the subject's name, aliases, email address, phone number, or other identifiers on popular social media channels
  • Using geolocation features to narrow down the search area
  • Analyzing the subject's social media posts, comments, photos, videos, likes, shares, and followers.
  • Identifying the subject's vehicles, hobbies, habits, and routines
  • Cross-referencing the information with other sources such as public records, databases, or online directories

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Benefits of Social Media Investigations by Same Day Process

The transparency and casual oversharing on social media often assist us in locating and serving your subject. A thorough background investigation will unearth all relevant content you can use. For example, a simple Tweet posted on a Twitter account years ago could become vital evidence in a current court case.
Same Day Process is Washington, DC's leading process service company because we help you connect the dots and navigate the legal system effectively. Our team of experienced and licensed process servers conducts social media investigations using advanced tools and techniques. We have access to thousands of sources of social media evidence and data, and we harness the latest technology, like keyword and object recognition, to find the most pertinent information. After thoroughly analyzing all social media accounts, we provide detailed and accurate reports for your use as evidence in court. Target photos and addresses are taken directly from social media sites to aid in finding and tracking your subject.
Why use us?
  • One flat fee per subject
  • Save time and money
  • Dedicated personal service
  • Get a quick and comprehensive report within 72 hours
  • Client portal for easy access and updates
Contact Same Day Process today if you need social media investigation services in Washington, DC. As experts at finding individuals via social media, we can help you find and serve anyone in the District of Columbia or anywhere in the United States! We offer fast, reliable, and affordable service. Call today or fill out our online form for a free quote.
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The person who was served was VERY difficult as she was ducking contact with the outside world. The patience and dedication of the Same Day Process team prevailed! I would highly recommend Same Day Process to anyone who is seeking service to be done professionally and in a timely manner...especially for those "hard to serve" persons.* - Antonio McLaren