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Military Base Service of Process

Serving legal documents at U.S. military bases is extremely time-consuming and can take from 3 days to 2 weeks for service to be completed, depending on the base and essential offices. Initially, we are required to speak with the Military Police (MP) on base and notify them that we are serving legal documents on an individual located inside the base.

The MP will then connect us with the Judge Advocate General (JAG). Once the JAG office has granted us the authorization to serve the subject, MP will escort us to the person to be served or contact the superior officer of the subject to make them available. Contact us for more information and for a quote, as we charge hourly for this service.

Police Officer Service of Process

Serving police officers is normally a simple process. Most police stations request that we speak with the sergeant, watch commander or captain and they will readily make the officer available or offer an agent to accept service on the officer’s behalf.

We contact the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) to determine whether or not the police officer being served has signed a PD161 form. This form authorizes the MPD to accept legal documents on the police officer’s behalf, but only when it is in reference to their line of duty. If this form was not signed by the police officer you must locate the district station the officer works out of, speak with the watch commander, and obtain the officer's schedule. If the officer refuses to make themselves available after repeated attempts, we then contact the MPD Chief of Police and inform them of the situation. They will contact the superior officer for the subject being served to make them available.

Registered Agent Service of Process

When serving a registered agent for a business entity you should always take the time to check who the Registered Agent is for that entity via the Secretary of State website for the state you are serving the legal documents in. Serving a Registered Agent is not always as simple as serving CT Corporation, Corporation Service Company and National Registered Agents. Sometimes the Registered Agent is an individual, attorney or the owner of the business. Many businesses can move locations without amending the address of the registered agent, and individuals may try to avoid service.

Depending on the state you may have recourse. In Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia, we can attempt the Registered Agent address and, if unsuccessful, proceed to serve the Secretary of State for Virginia or Maryland, or the Superintendant of Corporations in Washington D.C.

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Inmate Service of Process

Nothing like serving an individual in jail! Inmate service of process is relatively simple, but can be time-consuming. Most prisons in the United States allow process servers to serve inmates, but some prefer the local sheriff to handle it. If you know your subject is in jail, please contact that jail to verify their process for serving inmates. Note that we do charge hourly for this service, as it could take hours for the prison personnel to pull the individual into a holding cell to then be available for service of process.

Please take a second to check with the Federal Bureau of Prisons for your subject.

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