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Same Day Process understands Pro Se litigants' challenges while going through legal proceedings. We're professional process servers that serve legal documents for Pro Se clients in a streamlined, reliable, and timely fashion. We understand the rules of civil procedure and our role in the legal process. Rest assured, we'll always provide the right parties with any necessary court-required documents. 


What is Pro Se?

A Pro Se litigant is an individual who represents him or herself while going through legal action. Although it's recommended to avoid defending oneself in criminal court, in the United States, parties commonly go Pro Se in civil court. In fact, we help many individuals serve court documents, especially with cases in a small claims court. When going Pro Se, having a reliable process server in your corner is important. Contact us today.

Role of a Process Server

As a process server, we deliver official court and legal documents to individuals involved in court cases. These can include subpoenas, summons, and complaints. It's critical to a litigant's claim to have proper service of process when starting litigation and any additional process serving when going through court proceedings. With key parties receiving the relevant court documents, your case’s chances will significantly increase.

Contact Same Day Process

Ensuring that all relevant legal documents get into the correct hands is an important task that any Pro Se litigant may need more time to handle. Tracking certain parties can be frustrating, costly, and time-consuming. Luckily, Same Day Process has a team of private investigators, former law enforcement, military veterans, and more with the attitude and know-how that process serving requires. Contact us today so that we can be in your corner.

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