Advanced Skip Tracing for Evasive Subjects in Washington D.C. & Nationwide

Skip Tracing for Evasive Subjects in Washington D.C.Our experienced skip tracing department accesses several databases and provides detailed reports to our clients. We analyze many reports in order to determine the most likely location where the subject can be located.

All skip trace reports are scanned and saved on our secure server through the client website for easy access, so you have a clear understanding of the information.

What is Skip Tracing?

Social Media Investigations

Same Day Process offers a comprehensive skip trace package for searching all social media sites and provides a detailed report with links to website, images, addresses and phone numbers for a subject. It is helpful if you can provide a name, photo, email address, DOB, location, and/or handles.

Stakeouts & Stings

Some subjects can be served in a carefully planned operation, typically one involving deception. We regularly set up fake appointments with subjects, have flowers delivered, or serve custody papers when parents are meeting to drop off children. Sometimes the best place to serve the subject is at the courthouse. Some judges frown upon serving a subject in the courtroom; therefore, we serve the subject off of court grounds, either before they enter the courthouse or after they leave. We do not serve a subject in a courtroom without express permission by the judge beforehand.

We Utilize the Latest Technology to Meet the Demands of an Ever-Changing Industry

Skip Tracing & Missing Persons Searches | Same Day Process - skip-tracing-content-2As the process service industry changes, we’re ready to meet the new demands by constantly monitoring the latest technologies and innovations. Our powerful, custom management system keeps our clients informed with what we’re doing while our process servers and investigators in the field have up to date information on the subject to be found. Same Day Process is also committed to providing our clients peace of mind by saving every document associated with the case with electronic imaging, data transfers and military grade information protection.

With over 75 years of skip tracing experience, we utilize the most advanced techniques to find individuals and registered agents coast to coast. Please give us a call or order online today to schedule service.

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"If you need to find someone who is trying to fly under the radar, Same Day Process is your one-stop shop for all PI and legal service work.”

They ran a skip trace and found someone that 3 other process servers couldn't, then followed up with diligence and persistence to get the summons served. Highest recommendation!* - Matt F.