Our Technology

At Same Day Process, Technology and Innovation are of the Utmost Importance

Our Technology - Same Day Process - industriesAs the process service industry changes, we’re prepared to meet new demands by constantly monitoring the latest technologies and innovations.

Our powerful custom management system is designed to keep clients informed with what we’re doing. This is achieved through a mobile app that is used to log service attempt details and photos, all of which is done in real time. Same Day Process is committed to serving our clients by securely saving every document associated with the case using electronic imaging and data transfers.

As part of our commitment to innovation, we stay ahead of the curve by embracing the latest and greatest technology.


In early 2010, the New York City Council passed legislation requiring all processes be served or attempted with an electronic device that uses GPS to establish and record the date, time and location of service or attempted service. What does this mean for us?  The Federal Trade Commission assisted the NYC Council in creating the law, and we believe that they are looking at the program as a pilot program to see if it can work in other states, or even nationwide at the federal level.

Our Technology - Same Day Process - appMobile App

As a result, in 2011 Same Day Process was the first company in the area to invest in new technology with a mobile, app-based geostamping service of process. All of our servers use an Android or iPhone to access our custom mobile app designed specifically to serve legal documents. Servers open the job assigned to them from their phone, enter the attempt information and take a photo of the location. Then, the time, date and GPS latitude and longitude are recorded. If the document is served, the information necessary for a complete affidavit is entered and saved through the app.

Client Portal

We provide all of our customers with an easy-to-use Client Portal. This portal is a specific, secure website that allows our clients to access their files using a unique username and password specific to you or your company. No need to wait until the office is open! You can access the status of your file at any time. An email is also generated and sent to you once the paper is served, or when an affidavit of diligence is created. We know that our clients work around the clock and often need information after-hours. Access updated service attempt details and more on Saturday, Sunday, holidays... or anytime! Our  Client Portal never closes. Beyond just status updates, our clients can access and download service affidavits and invoices.

More questions? Please review our instructions on how to use the client portal.

Our Technology - Same Day Process - secureElectronic Imaging and Data Transfer

Same Day Process saves every document related to your case on our own secure server. Court documents, affidavits, and skip trace reports are scanned into our system and saved to your portal, and all scanned documents are viewable from our client website.

Sync your software to ours! Electronic data transfer (also known as bridging) allows for seamless transitions between our clients who access the files and our personnel who handle them. No need for confusion, as a bridge between Same Day Process and your firm can work effortlessly. And, in the event that a glitch appears, our IT team is ready to assist you. This option is only available for those clients who provide a minimum of 50 cases per month.

*We are not able to guarantee GPS service in other areas besides Washington, D.C. Maryland and Virginia.

For more information about our technology, or to order service, contact us today to speak to a member of our team.

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Same Day Process was more than accommodating, served the defendant same day and respond timely to all my questions. I can't say enough about this company and would HIGHLY recommend them.* - William Calvert