How to Avoid Scammer Process Servers

When it comes to serving legal documents there are plenty of concerns that you should be aware of. In a world where people are always trying to get more than they deserve, there are now more process server scams than ever before. There are some tips however that can help you avoid these scams and carry on business as usual.

The first thing that anyone can do is to take the time to really look at the papers that are being served. If they seem informal, have no contact information where you can verify them, or if they do not seem right, odds are they are not going to be real legal papers. Taking the time to look over the papers is going to help save you time and effort in the long run. In most cases, if you are served you can contact your local government to see if the papers are genuine or not.

Another thing to watch for are those process servers that ask you for money in exchange for not having to go to court. No court in any state or legislature is ever going to offer you the opportunity to pay money rather than facing legal action. If you get papers served and the process server tells you that you can pay a lump sum and avoid court time, it is almost definitely a scam.

The last thing to look for are those process servers that try to collect money or personal information over the phone. All legal communication is going to be taken care of through certified mail or in person and no papers will ever be served through email or over the phone. If someone calls you and claims that you are being served papers and that you just have to give them credit card information over the phone it is most certainly a scam and you should report it to the proper authorities.

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