What Is a Mobile Notary?

When a notary republic travels to meet their clients, this is what is referred to as a mobile notary. On a daily basis, it’s typical for a mobile notary to travel to up to eight different locations to notarize one signature, or perform a loan signing during a particular appointment. It isn’t uncommon for a mobile notary to charge the standard notary republic fee for their state in addition to travel costs. Most states do not have legal regulations regarding travel expenses.

For example, in some states, the mobile notary will charge their travel fee along with a set fee for each signature. There could also be an additional charge if excess waiting occurs. In other circumstances, the notary could give their client a break on their fee if there is a large number of signatures required. There are other situations where mobile notaries will only travel short distances, like ten or fifteen miles from their place of business or residence, for example, to perform local calls. Other mobile notaries have no problem traveling upwards of fifty miles for average jobs. It all depends on the types of clients you’re willing to take on.

How Much Do Mobile Notaries Charge?

The charges for a mobile notary typically follow this breakdown:

  1. Notary fee
  2. Travel fee
  3. Excessive waiting fees (like if you’re a personal injury attorney waiting in a jail, for example)
  4. Copying fees
  5. Document preparation costs (if they’re an attorney or other authorized personnel)
  6. Fees for late night calls

How much a notary can charge varies throughout the country, as well as how travel fees are regulated.

About Becoming a Mobile Notary

Before becoming a mobile notary, you must become a state-commissioned notary republic first. Following this step, it’s critical to learn how to become a good loan signer and mobile notary. The majority of mobile notary jobs include loan signings. Each job could take about twenty minutes to one hour for completion, so it’s important to schedule accordingly. If you’re already a family law attorney, adding mobile notary services to your existing schedule would be a great asset to your clients.

At Same Day Process, we offer 24/7 mobile notary services through our secure Client Website portal, allowing our clients to access their files with a unique username and password. We know that our clients work around the clock and often need information after hours. No need to wait until the office is open - you can access the status of your file at any time! If you’re in need of fast and reliable mobile notary services or

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