What Qualifications Should a Private Investigator Possess?

Original Post: 07/28/2016

A man in a suit clicks on a digital image with the word investigation floating in the middle.Anyone planning to be a private investigator, especially one who researches through social media, needs to take things seriously. Detectives have a lot of authority and the ability to do harm; thus, they should meet both the formal and informal qualifications set out below to be sure they are competent.

This article is about private investigators and what qualifications make a good successful one.

Private Investigator Formal Qualifications

Each state creates its own licensing requirements; nevertheless, there are some general regulations. First, prospective investigators must be of age,18 is a standard. States set this age limit to balance the need for ensuring investigators have some degree of life experience and allowing residents the right to work.

Applicants have a stronger value if they willingly undergo a criminal background check. Licensing boards look for moral turpitude infractions that can signal an inability to make ethical judgments.

Formal education can help applicants pass multiple-choice exams administered in certain states. It is becoming more common for people to enroll in some form of criminal justice, law enforcement, or legal procedure course before becoming private investigators.

Also, private investigators often need a firearm license and corresponding insurance.

Private Investigator Informal Qualifications

Soft skills matter in any line of work. An applicant should also ensure they meet certain informal qualifications. Doing so is the best way to succeed in this profession charged with handling such important responsibilities.

1. Contacts

private investigator needs good contacts to get the job done. Being able to procure information that someone wants private is essential here. Always start networking prior to opening up shop.

2. Critical Thinking 

Being able to think outside the box helps private investigators discern how to approach cases. The best detectives never accept what has been said at face value.

3. Initiative

Investigators have to work alone. There is no boss assigning cases and laying out the investigational procedure. Anyone who wants to survive in this job must be self-motivated. 

4. Adapting to Change

Criminals and people trying to hide from law enforcement use every tool available. In general, an investigator should be flexible so they can learn the behaviors of the person they investigate. Using all available technology, such as cellular data and social media data, can help reveal important information.

Partner with Professional Private Investigative Services

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