Beware Of Bogus Process Servers

You Are Smarter Than Any Scammer

Unfortunately, in today's society, there are scams for everything under the sun. There is not a week that goes by for most consumers when they are not confronted by someone assuming the guise of a legitimate business person who is trying to fraudulently take their money.

Scammers have come up with ways to use the business of process serving as a guise to steal from innocent individuals. Knowing a little about the business will help you know what to watch out for so that you are not robbed.

The business of process serving is the means by which an individual is served with court paperwork to either appear in court or answer to a magistrate or judge. Process Servers must adhere to certain guidelines in order to deliver these papers to the correct party.

You can imagine sometimes individuals are not happy with getting summoned to court or to officially be involved in a legal proceeding. Some individuals try to evade the Process Server so that they are never officially served with court paperwork. 

The Process Server's job description only involves getting the court paperwork to the intended party - that's it. 

Scammers posing as Process Servers have devised ways to extort monies from unknowing individuals by:

  • attempting to negotiate the debt the person owes so that the court case "goes away"
  • accepting money to eradicate the court case completely
  • may make telephone contact with you that is of a harassing nature; (calls may come repeatedly, caller may employ scare tactics to make you feel you must pay them a sum of money, caller may call at odd times of day or night) 

If you are approached by a bogus process server you should let them know that:

  • you are not going to pay them any monies 
  • will call the police and file a report
  • will call the local consumer fraud bureau and supply them with identifying information

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