Prepare for Process Serving Wearing a Body Camera


A process server’s job is not easy. Servers deliver a summons to many folks who would prefer not to receive the court documents.

As with most sectors, advances in technology have been and will continue to disrupt the process serving field. The rise of social media impacted this field during investigations and even the actual serving phase.

Another technology impacting this field is body cameras. From safety to transparency, body cameras have the potential to affect this work for process servers severely.


Cover Yourself

An important issue with process serving is proving you have served the person you claim to have served. The more evidence you can provide, the more trustworthy you will become. If a defendant claims not to have been served, video evidence will help dispute their statement.

Proactive Defense

People follow more rules if they know someone watches them.  When retail stores post signs about video surveillance, they experience less theft. Serving someone a process while wearing a body camera may discourage them from misbehaving.

Proof of Problems

The body cameras provide a hands-free monitor of any problems that develop while serving processes. If the person you serve (the servee) becomes hostile and aggressive, the body camera will capture their actions. The video footage can act as definitive proof of wrong-doing.


Best Behavior

It may be enticing to shame someone into accepting papers with the camera. Instead, the server should act respectfully and professionally during the encounter.

Wary Servees

Many people don’t like being filmed or photographed. If the servee sees a camera, they may become agitated. The servee may deny their identity and avoid the server.

Additionally, if the server comes to the home of the servee, they may also violate some privacy guidelines.


Having video evidence can be great for process servers and the courts. Yet, there can be a long time between serving processes and the court date. This delay would require the process server to keep the video file on hand, sometimes for years. An extended court date demands that the process server follow up on the case.

The Future

Several cities require process servers to use body cameras while doing their jobs. Illinois has a law on the books requiring process servers to wear body cameras in counties larger than 3,000,000. Though this only impacts one county in the state, this may suggest that other municipalities may shift to more process servers wearing body cameras.

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