Which Industries Most Often Use Process Servers?

Process Servers like Mike dress appropriately in a suit to make contact with the people they need to give papers.

Originally posted on 10/19/2015

At Same Day Process Service, our clients come from a variety of industries. With a combined 60 years of experience, every skilled process server we work with has successfully served individuals for matters related to real estate, family law, general civil litigation, government, pro se, and affiliates. Considering our vast experience serving individuals responsible for wrongdoing across multiple industries, we are confident in our ability to work with you and the unique circumstances that surround the case.

In this article, we will go through some of the most common industries that use process servers to meet their legal document delivery needs.

Attorneys and Law Firms

Attorneys and their law firms make use of process servers daily. From filing court papers to locating witnesses and serving subpoenas, law offices have no end of a need for process servers.


Accountants typically deal with sensitive financial information. With private documents needing transportation, a process server may be necessary to quickly and discretely make deliveries.

Collection Agencies

Collection agencies have a lot of cross-over with process servers. Their goal is to regain capital. When people don't make payments on time, collection agencies will turn to the law to enforce the payment schedules. It typically becomes necessary for collection agencies to use process servers to inform people of updates to their file.

Doctors and Pharmacists

Similar to accountants, doctors and pharmacists often work with sensitive information. People trust their doctors to protect their information and keep it private. Test results and prescriptions may need to be directly put into someone's hands, that is where a process server can help.

Partner with Same Day Process Service, No Matter Your Industry

Whether you work in real estate, the rental market, construction, or an obscure industry, we are the experts in handling all of your process serving needs. In addition to serving, we will also help with aspects related to court filing, document research and retrieval, notary public services, and our many other services. 

When you contract Same Day Process Service, you can rest assured knowing that the subject in question will be served expeditiously and without incident. No matter what your process serving needs are, our expert team is ready to work hard to accomplish your mission. Contact us today!

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