Skip Tracing Defined

Skiptracing refers to the task of finding a person's whereabouts. There are many reasons why this process may be needed. When skip tracing is required, a professional, known as a "skip tracer," is often hired. Some skip tracers are private detectives who do many different investigative tasks, while some others only perform skip trace searches. The people who are being traced are frequently referred to as "skips." This name is derived from the expression "skipping town".

Who performs skip trace searches?

Some professionals that commonly engage in activities that can be considered skiptracing include process servers, attorneys, bounty hunters, repo professionals, private investigators, investigative journalists, and of course the police. Sometimes, similar methods are used to find important witnesses for trials.

What are some of the methods used in skip tracing?

The first principle of skip tracing is to gather as much info as possible about the target. Once as much factual information as possible has been collected, this info is carefully broken down and analyzed. Sometimes, the whereabouts of a subject can be deduced by the initial information alone. Very often, however, more active methods than simple research are necessary, These tactics may include calling or speaking in person to family, friends, and acquaintances.

There is also a great deal of important information to be found in various private or semi-private databases. These sources of information may include credit reports, loan applications, and any public databases the skip tracer can access.

Advanced skip tracing techniques

Everything a skiptracer needs to locate his or her subject can usually be found using the above methods. However, it may not be immediately obvious. A professional skip tracer needs to be able to analyze information by thinking outside the box. All available documents should be compared and cross-referenced with everything else the skip tracer has. When this has been completed, patterns may emerge that can provide clues to the location of the subject. Often, this will put the skiptracer on the right path to locating the person they're after.

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